Surfing Style

by Simon Lindley

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My first album in progress, Surfing Style is intended to be a mix of various music styles that have influenced me over the years. Four tracks are currently available for download.



released March 1, 2012

Simon would like to personally thank the following people for their love, support and good juju: Martin Hunter for influencing or having a direct positive role in absolutely everything good in my life; Peg Scriver for letting me hog her husband; Alan Hume for your priceless guidance and infectious love of music, Grant & Georgina Smith; Jon Lindley for being a dry, callous critic; Alisa for being everything a dad could ever hope for (and a dry and callous critic!); and to Beryl...what can I say...without you I would be dead and alone (well, I guess that goes without saying if one is dead); Larry Moore for bringing me back to my roots and discovering the chant of the coco-bongo!; to Carol & Connie for putting up with my hormones and still liking me (although I doubt your husbands do), Barb Giles for being the best of buddies and being so shockingly inappropriate on cue; for every human to loves this good earth; and for all those nuts in St. Albert, Alberta who contributed to my slide into the pits of sin in my youth...I still love you guys!



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Simon Lindley Duncan, British Columbia

Creation rarely forms from practice alone. It blossoms via bashing one's head firmly against a solid object in frustration until a fleeting spark makes the bashing slightly more tolerable.
The greatest achievement is recognizing you know jack shit, and to pay attention to those who know more, which is generally everyone and no one, depending on one's perspective.
I'm proud of my cranial bruises.
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Track Name: 1% Nation (the Occupy Song)
So you made the perfect system that’s there for all of us
But the greatest believers are the biggest receivers; the rest ride the bus
Your new world’s a contradiction that takes from what we’ve built,
and the bones in the stones are only there to bemoan our faith and your guilt.

The money is cool; you’re nobody’s fool; you gotta get it while you can
the miracle of your monetary system is to give it to the man
but the rest of us can’t pay the rent but you prefer no complaints
if you don’t get your bailout baby, it’s due time for more fiscal restraints.

What in the world have we've ended up in?
It’s all take, take, take… but no givin’ in
You got your bible in your hand if I test your motivation
Your perfect little promised land – your 1% nation…
Working for your 1% nation.
Serving your 1% nation

Ever wonder how your power became our failed democracy
How your Hummer and your Rolex mean more than me and we;
How your weekend in the Hamptons gets more gold than this whole street
How your diamond-studded cufflinks on your wrists could shoe a thousand feet

That’s the world that we've ended up in,
It’s all take, take, take… but no givin’ in
You got your bible in your hand if I test your motivation
Your perfect little promised land – Hey! your 1% nation…
Living in your 1% nation.
Working for your 1% nation.
Serving your 1% nation.